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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sometimes, We Get Just What We Paid For

No, that's not frosted privacy glass. That is a window fogged with condensation. When we built the garage, we bought most of the materials at a big box store, including the aluminum insulated glass windows. On the rest of the house we had the original windows topped with storm windows, and while they worked, they were hard to keep clean between the two windows. We thought any thermal pane windows would be better than those. We were wrong.

The windows we put in the garage don't have a thermal break which separates the inside metal from the outside metal and keeps the outside temperature from transferring through the frame. As a result, on a cold day, condensation formed on the glass inside the garage, and ran down to the window sill causing mildew and some water damage. And this window is worse than the other two windows in the garage, not only is this window fogged, there is about an inch of water in the bottom!

Hubby ordered a new window, hopefully one with a thermal break and better glass, and we'll add Replace garage window to our ToDo list.


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