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Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Garden

Think of this as an administrative post and just skip it. But I find it really helpful to look back at previous year's garden plans when I plan the next year.

Last year:

We didn't allow enough room between squash last year and also found that climbing beans don't work well next to okra. As good as the three sisters plan sounds, it makes for a big mess when trying to get to everything.

After the beans were finished, volunteer watermelon came up in that area and we let them go. Another mistake as they tried to take over the garden, and grass grew up among the vines and was impossible to control. So this year, I expanded the garden to the west, covered the area with black plastic and cut holes in the plastic near the soaker hose for the watermelon. Since cucumber is also a sprawling vine, we put it out there too.

This year:

We have had such strange weather that our onions have started bolting but not ready to harvest, and the okra didn't sprout well, and I recently replanted. I thought okra was indestructible but apparently not. I also haven't planted marigolds yet as they grew more quickly than the surrounding plants and kept them from growing well.


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  1. I jealous of your garden. I can't dig one myself, nor can I plant the seeds/plants. So I guess that's why I won't have a garden!


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