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Monday, September 26, 2011

An Earthquake? Here?

Yes, late Saturday night, there was a 2.5 earthquake centered less than four miles from us. That is the fifth earthquake in the DFW area this year. I knew there was a fault line running through the area, but until this year, I've never heard of earthquakes in our area.

With all the stuff going on this week, I forgot to announce that we got 1.25 inches of rain on the 18th of this month. It was wonderful. It poured on us in Tulsa too, while we were trying to drive through town, pulling a U-Haul, with headlights that were so oxidized that we could barely see the rain much less the stripes on the road. Hubby announced that he was springing for new headlight assemblies when we got home, and he did. They are wonderful. I might even drive the beastmobile at night again. If I have to.



  1. I love your new blog header :-) So glad you got some rain~and new headlight assemblies :-)

    We had an earthquake here in Virginia last month too. And Wild fires. And Hurricanes. lolol. Hopefully that's all the excitement for us for a while.

    I hope you're feeling much better

  2. When you think about it, there really isn't any safe places in the US. No matter where you go there is some kind of natural disaster just waiting...hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, fires, excessive heat for days on end, earthquakes. We can run but we can't hide.

  3. Five quakes, who knew? I hate driving at night. My glasses don't let me see through all the glare.

  4. I'm ready for more rain, there still hasn't been enough to make up for this summer. TX must be going through the alphabet in terms of diasters this summer, drought, earthquakes and fires! Not a fun year!

  5. Being born and raised in California I'm no stranger to earthquakes, but I have to say: I thought we were immune :) I don't think there is any "safe" place from ANY nautral disaster anymore.

  6. Earthquakes in Tulsa? Hope they're done by April, when I'm hoping to visit the area! I'm one to talk, however. Right now my house is surrounded by water, I'm in the middle of a flood. Really liked your grocery bags.
    best from Tunisia,


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