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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dog Days of Summer? Should be Sweat Box Days of Summer

I had to mow the yard yesterday. I know you're thinking "So...?"  But you see, we usually don't have to mow the yard between mid July and September. But it rained this month. You're thinking it again. "So...?" But it just doesn't rain here in July and August.  Oh yes, we have gotten rain in July before, but it's kind of like this:

Two people are walking down the sidewalk. One says: "Something hit me!"

"What was it?"

"I don't know. Wait, there it was again. It was a drop of water."

"Where'd it come from?" Looking around, no one in sight, not even a bird.

"I don't know. It's kind of cloudy, maybe it is going to rain."

"In July? Not likely."

"No wait. There was another one. Did you feel it? Look, there's a drop on the sidewalk."  They walk a few feet. "Look, there's another one."

"Hey, I felt one. And I see drops on the sidewalk too."

"Oh, I think it's over now; the sun is out. But wow, it rained."

"Yep, rain in July. I never would have believed it."
In the last several weeks, we've gotten over two inches of rain. Real rain that you can see falling, fills rain gauges, turns dirt into mud, and makes grass grow.  It seems really odd to have green grass in July.  I even got bit by chiggers yesterday.  I thought the heat and drought burned them out for the rest of the year.

But now it's hot, and thanks to the rain, it's humid.  The local weather station predicts highs over 100 for the next two weeks and lows over 80.  That makes the great outdoors a sweat box, even at midnight.

On the upside, I have flowers blooming that normally only bloom in spring and fall.  They love the humidity.



  1. Whew, that's hot. Stay cool however you can. We sometimes get a bit of a dry spell in mid-summer, but not this year. We had a bad drought last summer, so I am thankful for more rain. My husband, on the other hand, is complaining about having no break in having to mow.

  2. That is hot and that is a lot of rain and humidity!!!
    I am SO glad we don't have chiggers here!!! I have heard of them, but never have I seen one. That rain probably brought them out of their cool-heat avoiding homes!!! Not fun!!!

  3. We've been having some pretty weird weather over here too - the temperature swings wildly and it's hard to know what to wear! Jx

  4. It been a strange few months hasn't it. We are still in a terrible drought, but the rains and cooler temps have been nice!

  5. We've had the same trend here. Our grass is green, so are the fields. Typically brown is the predominate yard color in August. But like where you are, the humidity is a killer, temps in the mid 90's, heat indexes over 100! Stay cool.


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