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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Still No Calls for Puppy

She is getting used to us now and not as timid as she was yesterday. We were going to put her in the courtyard overnight to keep her safe from coyotes, but she started crying, then barking, and then howling, so we put her in a crate in the office. When I opened the crate gate to let her out, she backed up and wouldn't come out. I finally had to tilt the crate so she had no choice except to come out.

I couldn't leave Puppy out while I was gone (I was scribe to a judge at the quilt show), so I had to put her back in the crate. I hated to do it, but it was beginning to rain and we no longer have a dog house. I turned on the air conditioner and Hubby said she was fine when he got home. Very glad to get out of the crate though. He played with her awhile and then noticed Buddy watching intently from his window seat, so he decided it was about time to let them get acquainted. He thought the puppy would run over to the cat to play and immediately get a kitty slap. But apparently the puppy has been around cats before and she kept her distance. Buddy didn't attack the puppy either, which is kind of odd because he usually goes after dogs in our backyard. So maybe there is hope that we don't have to have one of them cooped up at all times. Of course Buddy pretended to ignore the dog and went over to eat her dog food and drink her water.

Don't get me wrong, we're not keeping this dog even if no one claims her. The breed is too high energy for us, plus she is either trying to herd me or trip me, I'm not sure which. But it's hard to walk across the backyard with her darting in front of me.

I am going to contact some catahoula rescue groups tomorrow. It would be nice if someone had a yard where she could be safe so she wouldn't have to spend time in a crate.


  1. Thank you for saving her life!

  2. Sad to discover that someone may have abandoned the pup. May he find a good home with rambunctious kids.

    1. That's exactly what she needs. I did wonder if someone took her as a very young puppy and didn't want her when she started getting too playful.

  3. She looks like such a happy puppy. Hopefully you can find a good home for her.


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