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Thursday, August 21, 2014

And the Summer Drags On

A storm front came through Saturday, the kind of thunderstorm that rattles the windows and makes it hard to see across the street. The perfect day for baking or reading a book - or both. By Sunday, the storm had slowed to a steady rain; and by Monday, I was ready to get out into the yard again. Monday morning was gray and cloudy, and I fully expected to feel a chill when I walked out the door instead of the warm, humid air that settled over me like a smothering blanket.

Luckily, the recent stretch of extreme heat kept the weeds from growing as well as the grass, so there wasn't much to do Monday, or even Tuesday. By this morning, the weather was more or less back to usual with just enough moisture in the air to dampen my hair on the way to the car with a few trickles of sweat down my back, and enough heat to turn doorknobs into molten metal. Mornings in the garden are a different story. A few hours outside and my sweat soaked jeans feel like they weigh ten pounds and they stick to my skin as I peel them off.

This is when I start counting the days until the temperature drops. That is September 10 according to AccuWeather. Twenty more days. Twenty hot days, and then blessed relief.

At least I get to spend afternoons inside with the air conditioner. I really feel for people whose jobs keep them outside all day. Today I had the new (new to us) pickup steam-cleaned. The guy who did it had a mobile business and came to the house. Great for me, but he and his helper had to work in the sun. The good thing is that the upholstery and carpet dried fast. He used a scented cleaner so I can't tell if he got the dog smell out of the interior, but should be able to tell in a day or two. Yes, the low-mileage, great deal pickup we bought has such a bad case of dirty dog smell that it is almost nauseating. I wonder if that is why it was such a great deal.

Stay cool my friends. It's only twenty more days.

Unless the forecast is wrong. But I have my hopes pinned on twenty and not a day over.


  1. We didn't get the rain, but we've certainly got the heat. Thankfully August is more than half over. It typically cools off here Labor Day weekend. Stay cool!

    1. We usually stay at least in the 90's through September, and we've really had a mild summer compared to most so I should be grateful. But I'm ready for it to be over. I didn't check to see when the morning and evening temperatures drop. That will make a big difference too.

    2. Hey! I just checked AccuWeather again, and they've revised their long term forecast. Now we drop out of the nineties on September 2. A shiver of excitement just went down my back. Or maybe that was sweat. In any case, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. The weather is starting to turn here already. I can "smell" Fall on the night air, so it's coming. I just hope it is an extended Fall and NOT a jolt into Winter like last year. Snow from September - June was almost too much for me to handle. ;o(

    1. Right now, that sounds heavenly, but I'm sure if I had to deal with that much cold for such a long time, I'd feel the same about cold as I do about the heat. Maybe. At least you can put more clothes on. Hard to take more clothes off when you're already wearing a tank top and shorts. lol

  3. Boy did you ever describe that well...the joys of humidity, lol.

    It's warmed up here and is back to being humid again too. I don't like it, no no no ! :)

  4. It is always a shock when the real Texas summer settles in. We have been so lucky - at least on the upper Gulf Coast to have stayed in the mid 90's through most of the summer - AND with fairly low humidities. But ...

    Now we are in Central Texas, and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! Here in Mason, we aren't having the dangerous heat warnings -in fact the "feels like temperature" is actually below the real temperature. That is unless you are out standing in the sun. Then you feel like you are in an oven.

    Fall is coming though! Yeah!


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