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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sorry for the Confusion

I discovered how to import posts without messing up the existing blog. So to Tonia and anyone else who was confused about the recent posts, I have decided that with all its warts, blogspot is still a better blog host for me. I have changed the name, in case you didn't notice. That is one thing I did like about the changes I made on January 1. The title The Next Fifty Years just didn't fit any longer.

It will probably be confusing again as I settle back into posting on this blog, but I promise, no more switching around. Nancy said she figured out how to post comments on Blogger/Blogspot without having the email notification bounce back to her. I will try that tomorrow and if it works, great, and if it doesn't, I'll just get into the habit of checking comments to see who has made a comment here and not worry about bloggers who don't get an email notification from me.


  1. My "fix" is still working, so I hope it works for you, too.

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  3. Sounds like you have a good plan. I'm still checking each post for any comments that are not making it to my email. I've found it's just those emails that end in .yahoo.

  4. Well here I go again. did I miss it? What is the new name? glad you staying and getting comfortable again. Of course I probably find you where ever you went. I was so disappointed when I tried to see the turkeys, you tube said it was not available. I'll try again later. We have a flock of about twelve that visit our front pasture, they are not pretty birds but the tom is when he puts on a show for his hens. I lovee the way he drops and drags his wings like hes saying "I'm the man". I've never gotten clear pictures.
    I enjoyed catching up on the posts. We have some pretty weather coming in next monday after this last storm comes through. Hope you all do too.


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