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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Woodworking Wednesday

Still working slowly and steadily on my sewing tables. Lately, I've been working on the sewing table. I've had the parts for it made for some time, but couldn't find a calm day to get it painted. Then there were so many bugs flying around that I gave up and taped off a spray booth in the garage.

And inside, the gateleg part of the table.

With the help of Hubby, I also got the tops finished. After scrapping my original plan, I decided to use plywood and band it with hardwood. Hubby helped me put a routered edge on three sides of each top. I began staining them today.

Now my fingernails and cuticles are stained a dark brown, and I am meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow. Oops.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL, no. There is a reason there isn't a close-up of the top. I'm still a beginner.

  2. I knew you were either cleaning the table or making it. Here's my answer! Good job.


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