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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Procrastination is Tiring

Like most people, I put off things, hard things, easy things, disgusting things, and even pleasant things. I have no idea why. Well, actually I do. Usually there is something that has to be done before the procrastinated task can be completed. Like right now, I need to mail a copy of a diary to someone. But first I have to go somewhere to make a copy. In my small town, that place is Office Depot, and Office Depot shares a parking lot with a county court building. There is no such thing as parking close to the store because people going to court always take the good parking places, even those at the front door of Office Depot, so they can walk on the sidewalk. So I avoid going there until after court hours or on weekends. And those are the hours I always have things to do here at home.

Then there's the disk I need to mail. It's little, it's lightweight, and it needs a box I don't have. It's easier to procrastinate than go find a box. How about the pie I need to make for Lil's birthday? Yep, gotta find a disposable pie pan. The articles I have to write for the club newsletter? I've had two weeks to get them done, but a subject didn't come to mind easily, so I busied myself surfing websites for ideas, and reading my favorite forum boards while the cursor blinked on the blank page. Inspiration finally hit me about 5:00 yesterday afternoon, and I stayed up most of the night writing and surfing while the writing delirium was on me. I finished two articles last night and one this afternoon. Thank heavens that is over for another month. Wait, two weeks and I have to start over again.

Ok, it's been a few days since I wrote this, and I've just got to write an update. Hubby brought home a box so I could mail the disk, so then I got on the computer and clicked on the Shipping Assistant icon only to get the message that it had encountered a problem. Ok, try again. Nada. Ok, uninstall. Restart. Reinstall. Shipping Assistant has encountered an error. Grrrrr. Did a search and it appears that I am not the only one.

Look sideways at the old desktop collecting dust behind the roll top computer cabinet. Turn it on. Wait ten minutes for it to boot. Click on Shipping Assistant and it comes up. Yippee! Wait, don't celebrate yet, it has to be hardwired into the internet. Internet connection is on the other side of the room. Unplug router and drag all the wiring across the room. Pull CPU out of the cabinet and plug into back. Shipping Assistant popup says it has to be updated in order to work. Click OK. Wait thirty minutes for it to update. Yay! Put in all the information for the label and plug in flash drive so I can save copy of label and take it to computer hooked up to printer. New problem, there is no way to save a copy of the label. Grrrr.

Go get printer, another power strip, and plug it all in to old computer. Old computer can't find printer software. Sort through discs and find printer software. Pop it into CPU. Loud, rattling, roar, and it is downloading. Wait. Go sort laundry. Come back to see computer restarting. Wait. Shipping Assistant isn't saved. Open it again, and put in info again. Print. Success! Then I had to go to three stores to find some package tape because Brownie used up mine.

And that, folks, is why I procrastinate.


My ordinary life

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