Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thrift Store Treasure

Lil's apartment was exactly the way it was when I last saw it in May, with only one lamp and no ceiling lights in either bedroom or the living room. Before going sight-seeing last Friday, mom and I decided to stop by a couple of neighborhood thrift stores so we could see each other at night. There are three thrift stores within a mile of Lil that we know of - for all we know, there are more.

At the very first thrift store, I saw this lamp, but walked out of the store without it. On the way out, I saw a sign that everything in the store was half off, so I went back for the lamp. It has a shade, but it's in bad shape so I left it off for this picture. When I examined it after getting it to the car, I saw a label on it that said it was 24% hand cut lead crystal made in Yugoslavia.

Oh, and the price? $17.00

I almost hoped Lil wouldn't like it so I could have it, but of course she loved it. I told her if she ever got tired of it, I wanted it, and mom told us she was next in line after me.

It just goes with her decorating, doesn't it?

Until next time, may you have blessings and fun bargains,

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  1. great find! love bargain shopping. even if i won 10 billion dollars, i would still be a bargain shopper!!!


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