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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let it Rain!

It's overcast and thundering. Please let it rain here! I heard on morning tv that today is going to be our last day of temperature in the 100's, and it's already dropped down to 98 here. I'm so happy. I have garden plans ready to put into action as soon as the temperatures drop low enough to transplant a few things.

Update on my arm: I went to an orthopedic surgeon Monday and had an x-ray. There are no fractures but there is a small bone spur. He gave me a tube of Voltaren Gel to try out and I go in for an MRI on Thursday. He says most people can be helped without surgery, but most people also have a series of cortisone shots and that is out for me.

Update! It's raining! I went outside to take this picture, and not two minutes later the rain was falling.

Update again.  It cooled off quickly to 85 but as soon as the sun came out again, the temperature started rising and it was so humid it was hard to breathe outside.  By 5:00, it was back up to 98.  Oh well, it was nice for a few minutes and tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 90.  That's going to be nice!

Until next time, may you have blessings and blessed rain,


  1. Marti I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that you get some rain AND that Voltaren gives you some relief. Here in Virginia we have finally had a couple of good rains but not before burning up part of the garden :-(

    Here's to mud puddles to play in and rainbows to look at.


  2. I hope the Voltaren gives you some relief.

    Isn't it nice when it rains and gives some relief from the heat - but down here in Swampland, the humidity and resumed heat follows. But my yard and plants are happy!


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