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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home is Where the Food Bowl Is

Next week we are going on vacation, and I've got every detail planned - except what to do with the cat. I asked a neighbor to feed him, so I know he won't go hungry, but he is more than spoiled now and I can't think of any way to let him keep his routine. I know. I can't believe I've spent so much time worrying about this silly cat. Good grief, he was a stray fending for himself for years, a few days won't hurt him. Actually, I'm not worried about it hurting him as much as him taking revenge on us when we get back.

Let's face it, he's not a sweet, lovable cat at his best. If leaving a dog for a few days results in poop in a shoe and chewed up pillows, I'm afraid to think what the cat will think up. Hubby calls him my cat, but the other day he rushed into the room wanting to know where the camera was. I told him, and he grabbed it and dashed back outside. Why? To take a picture of the cat. Not his cat? I think he's in denial.

So what's his routine? He comes out of the dog house when he hears Hubby open the back door and runs to his food bowl meowing every second. Hubby feeds him some milk and opens the regular door to the garage where the cat has a pillow in a box, then puts dry cat food in the bowl. If Hubby doesn't do all of those, the cat either sits at his bowl or at the door looking at it and then Hubby, and of course meowing, until Hubby obeys. Then the cat spends the rest of the day in the box waiting for us to scratch his ears when we walk by. He might come out to eat or drink, but he usually just snoozes in the box all day. In the evening, he comes out and wants the canned food and then more dry. In that order. Then he wants to be petted and follow us around. The cat spends the night in the dog house where he has another pillow in another box.

I consulted other cat owners and my neighbor and decided to take his food and bowl over there this week. She will feed him in the morning and evening, and I'll take him over there at meal times so he will have time to get used to this new routine before we leave. I took the food over there last night at dinner time, and gave him the canned food over there. Then I came home while he ate. I really expected him to be back here soon after, but we didn't see him the rest of the evening, and he didn't show up for milk this morning either. I began to wonder if I had somehow locked him in the garage overnight, but he wasn't in there, and he didn't come when I called. I finally got curious and walked over to the neighbor's house and there he was asleep on a chair. That ungrateful little mooch! It didn't take him long to jump ship.

However, when he saw me, he began following me even though I decided to go ahead and take my walk. When a car went by, he dove into the poison ivy lining the bar ditch and I thought he would go home after that. But he didn't. He was still behind me two blocks away so I gave up and came home. If you've ever noticed how walking a dog stirs up the neighborhood dogs, you should walk a cat.

He came home with me, and he desperately wants me to pet him. Uh no. Anyone know how to get poison ivy germs off a cat?



  1. Cats have a way of just planting themselves in your life. To those who say they shouldn't be neutered - you have a perfect example of it being a positive change (even if you didn't want a cat).

  2. Such a different story about a different cat.lol
    They have personality. To get poison ivy off of anything is tough. did you ask a vet/

  3. He's quite the independent little fella, isn't he?
    It's not a good idea to give cats milk...causes diarrhea. Not cow's milk anyway, but milk made for cats is ok.

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