Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stay, Cat, Stay!

After being gone for a week, I was told the cat might not be glad to see us when we got home. But he was. In fact, he stuck to me like glue the day after we got home. He knows he isn't supposed to be in the garden, but if the gate isn't latched, sometimes he will take a few steps in before I notice and order him out. Sometimes he will obey, and sometimes not so I don't know if he understands the word or just felt like leaving. But I know he hasn't a clue what "stay" means.

I was working in the garden one morning and the cat plopped down into a patch of Indian blanket (Gaillardia pulchella). I ran into the house to grab my camera and of course he jumped up when I walked over to the flowers. I placed him back where he was, and well, I'll just show you.

And again.


So much easier to get a photo of him through the window.



Grandma K said...

He really is cute! Who knew he would fall so deeply in love with you.

Marti said...

I know, isn't that something? He even follows me when I walk over to the neighbors. I tell Hubby that after 23 years of having dogs that didn't know I was alive when he was around, that this is kind of nice.

Cheyenne said...

I can never get my cats to sit still either for photos. By the time I figure out where my camera is and get it in photo-taking mode they are off doing something else.

Kate said...

Love the cat in the wild flowers. Like most poeple he seems to prefer not to have his picture taken.

JT said...

I've heard cats have the intelligence of a two year old. I think it's probably true, but they pick and choose which words they show us they understand. They clearly know words related to food, and I bet they understand stay, but choose to totally ignore us:)