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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tropical Storm Don. What a Tease.

Or maybe it's the local meteorologist who is a tease. First he promised a chance of rain and cooler temperatures, and then he said the storm is going to track across Corpus Christi to the west, and we will be left high and dry.



  1. We can only hope that we get something out of the TS Don. At least, all the weather sites that I look at are showing 20% chance of rain over the weekend. That's something better than what we've been seeing.

    Keel cool!


  2. I also hope for rain, both here and in the Hill Country. But the comedy has begun. Our weather gurus are absolutely beside themselves! It is so comical. If we were in the Hill Country, our stations are in Austin. I know they are absolute fools by now too.

    They are telling folks that while we don't expect this to be a large storm (no kidding), use this as a practice! Oh well - about two more days and they will have folded up their storm persona to return to normal - miserably hot and dry.


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