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Monday, January 16, 2012

The List

Thea at California Dreaming made a list of things to do in 2012 instead of making resolutions. I like this as they don't become broken resolutions, and I would like to join her, albeit late with my list. So here it is, in no particular order.

Edited January 27 to add more to the list, after I found a huge ToDo list on my fridge.

1. Make a new friend
2. Join a quilting circle - DONE
3. Learn to dance
4. Make curtains for Lil (before her comforter wears out)
5. Take a photography class
6. Join a church
7. Replace door trim on garage
8. Get fireplace inspected
9. Get attic door blanket
10. Finish Jacob's ladder quilt or recycle it
11. Finish pillow shams for my bed
12. Make wrap quilt for my bed
13. Fix drawer in antique chest
14. Finish window trim on porch
15. Paint porch ceiling
16. Walk a half marathon
17. Rebuild console table top
18. Repair and refinish old desk
19. Learn turned needle applique
20. Make curtains for den
21. Repair wall crack in corner bedroom
22. Finish laundry room cabinet
23. Raise dining table top or sell table
24. Refinish den table
25. Declutter old VCR tapes
26. Get old family videos transferred to DVD
27. Move or replace broken sidelight
28. Get mom's sewing machine serviced
29. Get grandmother's ring resized
30. Locate and clean refrigerator and freezer coils (4 appliances)
31. Build shoe rack
32. Refinish bedroom picture frames
33. Paint entry
34. Build shelves in living room
35. Rebuild & refinish kitchen bar cabinet
36. Rebuild & refinish kitchen pantry cabinet
37. Refinish and switch kitchen upper cabinets
38. Replace drawer slides on old kitchen drawers
39. Repair kitchen faucet
40. Add water line and filter for ice maker
41. Learn website software
42. Organize printed photos
43. Cull out unusable wood in buckets
44. Put up pictures in den
45. Frame dog pictures for Brownie
46. Learn to use router
47. Learn to use picture framer
48. Propagate sage
49. Find tv antenna for attic
50. Find a way to conceal bedroom tv
51. Build drawer dividers
52. Volunteer at a hospital
53. Prune apple trees
54. Do something about the light on the corner of the house
55. Fix rototiller
56. Caulk shower
57. Get foundation examined
58. Fix wall & ceiling cracks in kitchen and master bed & bath
59. Finish laundry cabinet and doors
60. Replace outlets and switches in master
61. In spring, exterminate for carpenter ants
62. Repaint hall bath & get Hubby to paint base behind toilet
63. Find a place for quilts
64. Find a sewing corner



  1. Great list! A lot of things but they all seem doable. What kind of dancing are you thinking of? Good luck!

  2. You have got a busy year ahead of you! Have fun.

  3. You are so brave to list your goals. I'm not even brave enough to think them in my mind. If I start to think of a goal I quickly replace it with thinking about moosetrack ice cream or Tom Selleck

  4. Impressive list. I like the mix of "you" things and "house" things. Hope you make lots of progress!


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