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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disqus Comments, Good or Bad?

I'm noticing more and more blogs using Disqus Comment System. So far, I am not thrilled with it. I know it is great for people who want to comment from Twitter and Facebook, but for regular bloggers, I think it's going to be a disappointment.

On the blogs using it that I have commented on, I have typed in paragraphs, only to have it submit in one big paragraph.

I just commented on one of my favorite blogs who must have made the switch in the last week. There is supposed to be a place to opt out of signing up for Disqus when commenting, but I had to leave the blog and come back three times before it would let me do that. And at this point, I really don't want to sign up for anything else, especially something I would rather not use.

But what I really dislike about it, is that commenter's blogs are not linked to their name. That's one way I find new blogs. Cut that out, and it will be much harder to seek out new blogs. And a lot of bloggers use the comments section to promote their blogs. I don't know what they will do. I guess it will cut down on spam though.

What has been your experience with Disqus? Do you like or dislike?



  1. I've never heard of this type of commenting. I specifically do not want to use Facebook and Twitter - ever. I do not like how both programs track a person's every move.

  2. Hi Marti, now that you mention it, I've left a comment or two that wanted me to sign up for Disqus. I don't really know what it is so I didn't sign up, but it did add another hoop to jump through, like the word verification thing, which I really dislike.


  3. I've not seen the Disqus Comment System yet. I'd hate not being able to link back to someone's blog, I've used that avenue to find new blogs and return the favor of a blog visit.


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