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Monday, March 18, 2013

Thirty Minute Attitude Lift

The weekend, which started full of expectation, soon turned dour. Part of it was the brusque wind which howled through the trees and pushed against the house which creaked and groaned in protest. Hubby was determined to plant the garden Saturday and I wanted to go to the Home and Garden Show. I'd rather be dreaming of planting a garden than actually doing it in that wind. The other part was frustration with the lack of organization in my life. I needed a plan. I needed some energy. And I needed some goals.

While updating my budget last night, I came across some daily planners I had made years ago. Aha! A plan! I also thought of what I'd like to be doing ten years from now, five years from now, and even six months from now. Goals! And the first step was to change my sleeping patterns so I can get up with enough energy in the mornings to put the plan into action. That's where it all fell apart.

I went to bed early, tried to think relaxing thoughts, read a boring book, and listened to the rhythmic sounds of the ceiling fan as it whirred overhead. Still, sleep would not come. I looked at the clock at 2 a.m., sank back into the pillow, and tried to count sheep. Too much concentration. I tried to think of nothing. Have you ever tried to think of nothing? The more I tried, the more stuff I thought of. It seemed like I just dozed off when the alarm rang at 6:45 a.m. Ugh. I turned it off, rolled over and closed my eyes. I dozed, but not for too long. In the back of my mind I kept thinking I needed to get up to get on with my plan. And so I rolled out, stretched my tired muscles, and picked up my daily planner.

Number one on my plan is exercise, well, after getting dressed and all the essential stuff. I only walk outside naked in my dreams. I have found that only the first five minutes of my walk are painful, after that, it's really enjoyable, and the perfect cure for depression. How can anyone take a walk on a beautiful day and remain depressed and lethargic? On my walk, as my heart, lungs, and muscles aired out, I could feel my spirits lift too. I also began noticing all the spring blooms that are just a blur when I'm driving. If only I had my camera. By the time I got back home, I had reached that plane where I feel I can walk for hours, so I grabbed my camera and retraced my steps. Either my point and shoot is getting cataracts along with me, or the editing software on this computer is washing out the photos, so I tried to enhance a couple of the lighter photos on fotoflexer. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did this morning.

First bluebonnet blooming in a neighbor's yard.

Daffodils and Creeping Phlox

Swallowtail just emerged from chrysalis

White iris blooming and blue iris budding.

Neighbor's dog who came up to have his ears' scratched.

Texas Mountain Laurel with a heady scent of purple bubblegum.

Wisteria, whose fragrance will soon overpower the neighborhood.

Redbud tree in neighbor's yard.


  1. So good to see your photos of blooms, as it will be another two months before such things will begin to appear here. I'd scratch the ears of your neighbor's dog, too.

    I enjoy my morning walks around the neighborhood, but when it is too cold (it nearly was this morning) I walk inside using DVDs.

  2. sounds like my night...sleep came just in time to get up:) but unlike you i didn't get my workout in. Hoping for better tomorrow.

  3. I hope you get some sleep tonight. for me it takes several sleepless nights before I can start sleeping well.

  4. Love your photos. It gives me hope that spring is on its way. It's snowing here.....again. I think we're supposed to get 6-10 inches by evening. Can I send you some?

  5. Oh how I loved the pictures!! But the one of the mountain laurel and redbud made me a bit sad. Oh how I miss those trees. I haven't been able to grow the mountain laurel here. It has been too wet, but with the climate change and drought we have had, who knows. I also have lost my redbud, and am too lazy to dig the hole to plant another!

  6. thank you for sharing that beautiful walk~!!~
    i have seen some bright yellow crocus flowers in my garden but everything else is just barely coming up.
    tonight i hear the rain pelting the house and wonder if it will turn to snow by morning.

    i hope that you are getting into a better sleeping routine now. there really is nothing like a good night's rest.


  7. Love the preview of spring. It snowed here this weekend, but the Bradford pears are blooming. Hope you've started sleeping better.


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