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Monday, May 20, 2013

Back From St. Louis

Two weeks ago, Hubby and I went to Branson for a few days. We rented a condo near Silver Dollar City for a week and Lil and her husband, Racer, drove down on Thursday and spent the weekend with us.   I took my computer and thought I would get on from time to time, but it just never happened.

We had a great time though.  We saw a couple of shows, New South, and Six.  Such talented performers in both groups.  And of course we shopped and ate, ate and shopped.  Usually when we go to Branson, there is at least one show we wish we hadn't gone to.  Not this time.  This time the dud was in eating out.  If you go to Branson, avoid Starvin' Marvin.  The few cars at lunch time should have been a clue.  We made up for that with a trip to Dannas for the best barbecue ever.

On Sunday, Hubby headed home by himself, and I went with Lil and Racer to their home in St. Louis. I promised to hem their new curtains and make valances for two other windows, but after 3 days, I had only hemmed eleven curtains. They weren't made very well; someone either had the tension too tight on the side seams or they should have used a walking foot. There were puckers along those seams which made the bottom hem curve up at the sides. So most of my time was spent ripping out the side seams and re-leveling the liner and curtain hems.  I left my sewing machine with Lil.  She wants to learn to sew clothing, so curtains will give her a little practice first.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Hubby said Buddy the cat spent his time crying. He said nothing he did made the cat stop meowing. When we pulled into the driveway after Hubby picked me up from the airport, Buddy ran out to meet us, and yes, he wouldn't stop meowing, a pitiful, crying, meow. He was my Velcro-cat for the rest of that day. When I got in my car to run an errand, Buddy ran after the car meowing. I guess he thought we were going to leave him again. Sunday was better. We spent a lot of time with him and he has stopped meowing all the time. What have I done to this cat?



  1. Sounds like you had a great time (well, maybe, minus the curtains...)

  2. Your vacation sounds like so much fun and your cat is extremely cute. Loves his mom!!! Those curtains though!!!! Not fun!!! Too bad things are not made like they used to be!!

  3. It sounds like you had a great time. My cat always grumbles about our travels too. Jx

  4. One trip we made, we couldn't find Shadow (yes, he goes with us - in the carrier never making a sound!). He really doesn't care for the carrier, and he has learned the routine. So he hid. We left him for the week, but had my son check on him. He would hide from my son, as he hides from everyone but us. He was fine, but when we got home, he wouldn't leave me alone either! He was a much better cat!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time (other than the curtains). Sounds like Buddy was missing his human while you were gone. Must have been all that carrier training you gave him.


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