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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Last Post of January. Yay!

Except for two days when I didn't have internet, I fulfilled my New Year's Resolution to post every day for a month. And I am so glad it's over. So, so, so very glad. There were days when I couldn't think of anything worth saying and thought about posting a one liner "See you tomorrow" type post. But that would have defeated the purpose of trying to get back in the blogging groove. I don't know that posting every day inspired me, in fact, I think it had the opposite effect there, but it did get me back in the routine. And that was half the battle. Posting every day meant the posts were generally shorter and less thought went into them. And if you are a regular reader, you saw that there were more quilting posts than anything else, mainly because that is what I've been doing lately.

Other than the regular stash busting and design wall linky posts, I am going to go back to my goal of posting three times a week. I plan on posting about my sewing table, and with spring planting not far off, I'll be planning my garden and cleaning out the pond (ugh). So there will finally be some variety on the blog again.

Hubby is off mending the fence of an elderly friend, but when he returns, he promised to help me as I start building my sewing table. Sometimes an extra hand in the shop is much appreciated. He often has better ideas how to put things together too, although I've got a pretty good idea how I want to do these.

Until next time,


  1. I always prepare my posts on Sunday and then schedule them to automatically post on specific days. That way, I can ponder my thoughts and then add to them during the week before they actually post. It works for me. Sometimes, I am able to prepare posts for two weeks at a time, especially if I'm going to be out of town.

  2. I can already tell I am going to be jealous of your sewing table!!

  3. I have done that before and would have done it again this month but it was just too hard to come up with one each day. I wanted to post every day because I had gotten so indifferent by December that I couldn't muster up two words for a blog.

  4. Oh don't be! If you could see the little portable tv table I'm using right now, you'd command me to stop fooling around and get a decent surface to work on.

  5. I can't imagine writing a blog post everyday. Three to four times a week is about all I can manage, especially since I decided last year that every post has to have a photo in it. To do that I've got to think ahead. Congrats on sticking with it for the month.

  6. Thanks. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I'd like to have a photo in every post too, but that didn't always happen either.


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