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Monday, September 14, 2015

This Can't Be Good

This is what I saw when I walked out the door this weekend.

Thus far, in order to make the camper usable, we have made these repairs:

  • Replaced skanky mattress
  • Replaced a wheel and tire - because the previous owners didn't tighten down the lug nuts and the wheel rolled off while they were driving.
  • Replaced the tv and radio antennas - because the previous owner knocked them off
  • Patched and caulked the wall seam above the tires - because the previous owner had a blowout and damaged the fiberglass, which made the seam leak - something the previous owners had to have known
  • Replaced the fender over this same seam - broken in the blowout
  • Installed an equilizer/stabilizer hitch
  • Replaced broken hatch door clips
  • Replaced broken water intake ports
  • Replaced non-functioning pump check-valve which made water leak under sink - also something the previous owners had to have known
  • Replaced the string in the accordion shades over one window.
And now this. The axle is bent. Either the previous owners ran over something that bent it, or maybe the blowout caused it. In either case, they had to have know about it when they bought the new wheel to replace the one they lost.

We're planning a trip in October and are feeling a bit rushed to get this done now.

On the bright side.... nope, can't think of a bright side right now. But from here on out, I hope everything we do to the trailer is just optional stuff we want to do to make it better for us.



  1. Brighter side. . .at least now you'll know it will be safe on the highway.

  2. Always better to look on the bright side.

    Hope everything else goes smoothly for making this trailer travel worthy.


  3. We both posted repairs today. Imagine that. Ours is in working order though. Yikes, I hope you can get this done before your trip. I'm sure you will.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  4. Welcome to RVing`!1! You are just so fortunate to be able to do all this. For me, every trip was fraught with anxiety. But you will enjoy trip a lot. I kind of miss them`

  5. Sounds like the previous owners didn't do a good job of maintenance. Hopefully you've found the worst of it and can start to enjoy it soon.


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