Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Found a Dead Body in the Garage!

I guess the cat is earning his keep. Can't figure out why he didn't eat the mouse though, so I had to create a diversion to keep him away from it so I could scoop it up and put it in the trash. For some reason he likes to bring his prizes to one spot in the garage.

I thought with two bells on his collar that he wouldn't be able to sneak up on anything, but I guess he is really quiet when in stealth mode.

By the way, we finally gave him an official name. It's Buddy, though he still comes to anything, especially if it involves food.

Today I'm going to try to take him to the vet for his annual shots. Lil doesn't want her puppy to catch anything from the cat when they come for Christmas. Not that the cat will want to have anything to do with her dog I'm sure.

The above was written before our vet adventure. Here's how it went.

I bought a new pet carrier hoping the cat would go into one that didn't have the smell of other animals on it. That was wishful thinking. Even with a rug over it hiding the door, he wouldn't go near it. I put his favorite treats in it and still no luck. I tried to put him in but my two arms against his four sets of claws just didn't have a chance.

So I went to the vet and got a sedative, and just like last time, I crushed it and mixed it with a few drops of milk. At first he was curious about the bowl and licked the pink milk. But it must be bitter and he walked away. So then I started the process of dipping my finger in the mixture, wiping it on his feet, waiting for him to lick it off, and then wiping on more. It took about thirty minutes for him to lick enough to start getting woozy. When he couldn't walk a straight line, I picked up his front end and Hubby pushed his back end, and we got all but his tail in the crate. By then he was snarling a little and fighting with everything he had left. It's amazing how an adrenalin rush can energize a drugged cat.

He meowed a pitiful, drunk meow all the way to the vet's office, but once inside, he was meek as a lamb. When I picked up the sedative, I told the vet how difficult he was, and there he was being totally submissive and making a liar out of me.

Now we're home, and he is sleeping off the sedative in the office. We tried letting him loose in the garage, but decided it was too dangerous in his condition.




  1. He totally looks doped up! Our cats are more submissive. I think I even got two of them into the carrier at once. I probably would have just thrown him in the back seat if I couldn't get him in the crate.

  2. He goes berserk in the car. I'd be afraid he would wrap his claws around my face while I was driving. Or worse.

  3. I have a Buddy cat too--it's a great name. Too funny--it is so much easier to take a dog for a ride in the car to the vets--cats--not so much!

  4. Those prizes are meant for you guys. If he didn't leave them in plain sight you'd never know he was doing his job.

    We use Greenies Pill Pockets to give meds to our cats. They work great for pills as well as liquids.

    Two of my youngest ones are due to visit the vet by December and I am hoping we will be able to get them in their carrier. I have to set up two different appointments though since I doubt I will get both into the same carrier, let alone just one.

  5. You do what you have to do!! As mean as Shadow can be at times, he rides in the crate like a champ. Of course, he doesn't like it - and he is aware of all the things going on around him that mean he is going to have to go on that 5 hour trip, so he makes himself very scarce! But he doesn't utter a peep after he is put in the vehicle.

    Don't they look pitiful when drugged??

  6. He looks so completely zoned! Hopefully you got a hot bubble bath, glass of wine or something to relax you after all the stress of the vet visit.


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