Saturday, December 29, 2018

Goals for 2019

It's that time again, when I make goals with every intention of keeping up with them all year. And every year, I have forgotten about them by March, or sometimes February. But not this year. This year, I am going for attainable goals, baby steps to the big goals.

Walk five days a week
Yoga three days a week
Acupressure daily

January - drywall
February - interior light fixtures, wood walls
March - bathroom and closet cabinets install
April - kitchen cabinets install
May - Pantry cabinets install, and under stairs build
June - cabinet doors and facing
July - door trim and baseboard
August- doors
September - fireplace
October - Rugs and curtains
November - Dining Table
December - Christmas decorations!

January: Move lily tank, retaining wall east side
February: Remove trees and install fence posts in poison ivy corner
March-May: Build and fill planters
June-July: Water new plants and trees, collect seeds, mow
August: Regrade driveway
September: Driveway gate
October-November: Replant field
December: Final mowing

Finish at least 6 quilts
Read at least 20 books
Write at least 12 books for my grandsons
Make a barn quilt

Most of this is dependent on Hubby's help and cooperation, and of course, finances. The main goal is to be living in the house by February, and living like normal people by June. Right now, that doesn't seem possible, but if we can stick with it, we can do it.


diamondc said...

Marti: That is a great list.
You are very organized, not me, I do try.


Marti said...

I'm usually not organized, and I've been thinking that may be why I let my goals slip by.

Sandee said...

I hope you get all this done and on time.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

The Swiss Cats said...

Those are great goals ! We love how you're organized ! Please let us know about your progresses ! Purrs

Marti said...

Me too, though I don't really care if anything is on time anymore. ;)

Marti said...

Thank you. I hope I can report how well I'm doing. I drag my feet about reporting failures for some reason. lol

Sarah said...

Wow that's a lot of targets you've set yourself. Good luck! I'm going to come back this time next year and hope you've ticked loads of them off!

Marti said...

It does sound like a lot, but most are so small that they can be done in just a few minutes. I guess it's the habit of doing that I need to develop.

Kate said...

Good luck! Those all seem like realistic goals. Now if you can just convince Your Guy they are his goals too!

Marti said...

Right. How do I do that? lol

Grandma K said...

WOW! I just hope to get to my tomorrows! You indeed have a list!

Marti said...

I've been watching my mother-in-law drift from day to day and don't want to end up that way. Goals make me stay busy. But yes, there are days that it's all I can do to plan the next day.

Angie said...

Marti - that's quite a list. Makes me embarrassed to even think about writing a 2019 goals post! You go girl - I've always thought that if you shoot big, you have a better chance of achieving more than you might if you aim low! I am pulling for you to be 'living like normal people' soon.

Marti said...

Thanks. It helps to have a cheering section! It does look like a lot when it's written down and all may not be possible, especially if Hubby doesn't want to help with some things.