Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall is Finally Here

September only had one day with temperatures below 90 degrees. Most days were over 95, but with the drought, at least they weren't very humid days. October brought a couple of quick rain showers that barely got the ground wet, and the high temperatures stayed with us. But last night, finally, a cold front made it down here and right now it is 68 degrees. I actually wore a light jacket to the lumber yard. There is a strong wind blowing, but it's still wonderful to be cool again.


  1. I hear you. Breaking from that horrible heat is a wonderful thing. We're going to warm up again this week, but that's October for us. No triple digits and that's a good thing.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Marti. ♥

  2. We got the chiller weather over the weekend, it's nice to see the cooler temps. People at work have been wearing winter coats, it's not that chill yet!

  3. Marti - glad you are enjoying the cooler temps. We had snow last night and it won't get above 35 today!

  4. We have been having cool wet weather and a couple mornings of frost last week. Fall is really here!!! I got the geraniums in the greenhouse before it got over cold, so they're happy. Hope you get some rain, sounds like you are really in need of it!!


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