Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quilting Fabrics Stash Report, Week 13

Hard to believe it's already thirteen weeks into 2015. But the weather is approaching hot and winter is definitely behind us. I am finally showing negative numbers across the board in my stash report. It is a little misleading because it's not all fabric used; some of it is fabric just moved to another location. But I'll take it. I'm pleased that I have stuck with keep up with a report this long too.

Linking to Fabric Report #28 at Patchwork Times.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chasing Butterflies

While working in the yard this morning, I saw the first butterfly of the season. Since my shoes were muddy, I asked Hubby to get my camera from the house, and he did, but the card was still plugged into my computer. So I grabbed my phone and started following the butterfly around the yard. I'm sure the neighbors shook their heads and said "what is that crazy woman doing now?" because every time I pressed the button, it flitted to another flower. It never did land, so out of twenty blurry pictures, this is the only one that shows a butterfly, and it isn't a good picture.

While out, I took pictures of flowers in bloom, but most of them were too blurry to post also. A few were halfway decent.

First iris blooms. The pink creeping phlox and daffodils are at their peak right now.

A few new blooms on the Golden Delicious; I think we are going to have a good crop this year.

First bluebonnets too.

After lunch I worked the quilt guild booth at the home and garden show.  We sold raffle tickets like hotcakes.  Then a quick trip to a big box store and I worked on the top for my cutting table.  I thought building it out of plywood would make it easier, but it is proving more problematic than the top for the sewing table.  Should have it finished tomorrow and then have to make a spray booth in the garage for the base.  I don't understand how so many people manage to spray paint outside without any problems and I have nothing but problems outside.  Maybe they don't have the bug population we do.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sometimes Men Make No Sense at All

We were supposed to have thunderstorms and hail last night, so I spent yesterday cleaning out the garage so we could get the cars in. After work, Hubby helped me and we got it done just as the dark clouds started moving in. And then... nothing. Not a drop of rain and no hail. Nothing but wind. But in the course of cleaning, rearranging, and putting up stuff, Hubby mentioned that he wanted to have a man sale. Not a garage sale, a man sale. A sale for men only. I told him he couldn't keep women from coming to a sale and if he posted an ad for men only, it would only make women curious and they would come anyway. And what about couples who go to garage sales together? And, most importantly, what about women who enjoy using tools?

You would think after being married to me for forty years, he would know better than to say women can't do something. Who was it who bought a sewing machine at a garage sale? It was him. And who was it who found the planer at a garage sale? It was me. I told him he would miss out on sales if he discriminated against women; plus, he would have to live with me and that might be worse. lol I advised him to post it as a tool and equipment sale instead, but he insists he will have a man sale.

What brought about this argument discussion was when he asked when I was going to be finished with the three banquet tables I bought to sandwich quilts. They are currently set up in the living room my sewing room. I told him I planned on pinning the quilt today. What I didn't tell him is that he has to help me. I hate closing those pins, even with a spoon, especially in the middle of the table.

Then he thinks he is going to set up all his stuff on the tables and pull them out on weekends when the weather is nice and he doesn't have something to do. Again, I silently sighed and rolled my eyes because I know you can't decide to have a garage man sale at 7 a.m. on Saturday and expect anyone to see your last minute ad on craig's list or sign at the corner - especially since we are on a dead end street. And again, you'd think after having garage sales many times in the last forty years that he would know that. But then, he was never in charge of the advertising, sign making, or change collecting. He just put out the signs where I told him.

I'll let you know how his big man sale goes if he does it this weekend.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Not much has changed on the design wall, but I've been working on the Sweet Sixteen, and have the length I want now. I've spent more time working on preemie gowns than quilting, and sad to say, but all those are in the trash. If it wasn't poor pattern design, it was my sewing machine jamming up on the embroidery stitching. But I think I have it figured out now.

You can also see part of my cutting table, also a WIP, on the right.

Yesterday, I got the Card Trick quilt back.  Another member of our group quilted it, and she did a great job on it.  I think it was all done using a walking foot on her Bernina.  While resizing the photos, I see there are loose threads on it.  Sorry.  But I'm not putting it back up to retake the photos. ;)  One of the group leaders wants to take it to guild meeting tonight, so I put the binding on last night.

Today's plan is to get out my folding tables so I can sandwich the Around the World.  But first I need to make some finger foods for tonight's meeting.

I'm linking to Design Wall Monday #36 at Patchwork Times and checking out what other people have been working on this week.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stash Report 12

I am finally showing a reduction in the stash, but it's mainly because I pulled out some polyester fabrics which somehow found their way into my shelves. I have a separate stash for clothing fabrics.

I have done some sewing this week, but I've also done some buying. A woman from the church stitching group told me the hospital was badly in need of gowns for premature stillborn babies. I thought it would be easy, so agreed to make some, but then I found that a pattern for the size she said doesn't exist online. But I did find quite a few burial gown patterns and I downloaded a couple in various sizes. I thought I'd make them up and let the hospital tell me which size they need most. I never even knew there was a need for these and found quite a bit on the internet. A lot of people use old wedding dresses to make them, and I just donated my wedding dress to the thrift store last year. Bummer. But I found some pretty white on white cottons and thought I'd start with that. It's probably a good thing I didn't try to start with satin because sewing some of these tiny pieces is hard enough with cotton.

I've been working on the Sweet Sixteen quilt, which has also used some fabric this week, and hope to get a backing on the Around the World next week. I'd better hurry though, that was my March UFO and it's still just hanging there.

While the report looks pretty good for a change, I looked back at my first Stash Busting post of the year and saw that I way behind my goal of using five yards per month. I started the year with an inventory of 265.09 yards of fabric, and with this report I am at 256.50. (At some time I started rounding to the nearest quarter yard.)

I know that looks like I am only 6.5 yards short of my goal, but April through July are gardening months, and December is just a crazy month. So that really just leaves four months to make a dent in the stash. I hope to keep quilting this summer, but I know in the past that the garden and yard work have been consuming and exhausting.

I'm linking to Fabric Report #22 at Patchwork Times.