Thursday, August 20, 2015

Newsflash! It's Raining!

This is our first rain since June. If I wasn't dressed to go pick up Lil at the airport, I'd be out dancing in it.

Now if you listen to the Dallas tv stations, they say our last rain was July 8, but they only report weather from one official location at DFW airport which is almost fifty miles from us.

Speaking of rain, Lil likes to call and tell me when it is raining at her house in St. Louis. Last time we talked, she said she has only had to water her garden a couple of times this summer because it rains almost every week. That's when I hang up on her.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Caring For Your New Pet Armadillo

Congratulations on the arrival of your new pet armadillo. Here is a guide to help you give your amadillo a long and happy life.

A Safe and Comfortable Sleeping Space
Your amadillo will sleep all day and well into the evening, awakening in the night to eat and frolic in your yard. They value their solitude and prefer to be alone in the yard. This makes them a highly sought after pet by paranoid agoraphobic insomniacs who are up all night peering anxiously out their windows. The approved living quarters of armadillos are dark, shady places near the ground. You should build a deck, or maybe two, so your armadillo can change from one location to the other when he gets bored. You should plant some soft, leafy plants around the deck, preferably something exotic and expensive. You don't have to leave a space for the armadillo to get under the deck, he would rather select his own entrance and his wonderfully, sharp claws will make short work of any pesky plants in his way.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

There Are Surprises, and Then There Are Surprises

We are still learning about this little Fun Finder trailer. A happy surprise is that Hubby found a Dometic Patty O'Room in the outside storage compartment. Never used! That is both good and bad. Good because it had no damage at all, and bad because it had to be customized to fit the camper. Hubby spent most of last Saturday doing that in 100+ temperatures. The awning that came with the camper is in pretty good shape we decided. It just has one spot where it has worn through and Hubby picked up a roll of awning tape at Camping World to fix that.

Stash Report Week 33

I forgot to do a stash report last week when I actually had numbers to report, so I am including it in this week's post because I have nothing this week.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our New Escape-mobile

New to us anyway.

After our last trip, we began seriously talking about getting a camper. Our only requirements were that Hubby can stand upright (he's 6'4"), a full bath, a full queen bed, and enough of a kitchen to make sandwiches and heat frozen dinners, and all in the smallest and lightest possible trailer. A month later, we found this one. It's a 2009 Fun Finder, twenty-one feet long. It meets all the basic requirements, and even has a walk around bed which will be easier to make than one crammed into a corner.