Tuesday, December 6, 2016


We expect our first freeze Thursday, so Hubby and I went out to the farm to winterize my water lily tank.

While we were at the feed store buying the straw bales, Hubby picked up a sack of corn to fill his feeder. After filling the feeder, he noticed the neighbors who had come begging for a free meal. So he fed them.

The other neighbors were just as vocal, just too far away. I took these photos with his phone, fully zoomed, but they were just too far away for a good picture. I included them anyway because a) they had an impressionist look, and b) this is kind of how my vision is. Just enough distortion to be kind of pixelated and blurry.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Is No News Really Good News?

If so, have I got good news for you.  Because really, I don't have anything new to add here.

I am delighted to say that summer is finally over and the weather is terrific.  We finally closed on our land the Friday before Thanksgiving.  We had hoped to be able to get the building ball rolling immediately, but we've had delays here just as we had with both closings.

Even though I have more free time now, I have less internet time.  We couldn't use our last internet provider here and didn't want to sign a year or two contract for another one, so thought we'd just use the hotspot on our phones.  We burned through six gigs in just a few weeks.  We just bought a dedicated hotspot last week and started with six gigs.  I went to the library to read blogs and compose my answers and blog post and came home to post it.  Hopefully, that will work for me without using too much data.  It is a pain though.  I don't log into anything on the library internet.  It may be safe, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

Since we are living in such small quarters, I packed all my fabric and most of my quilting tools.  I did bring three sewing machines here because I didn't want anything to happen to them in storage.  I also brought my English paper piecing because it takes up so little room.  With my eye problems, I didn't think I'd be doing any kind of sewing though.  However, I found that the hand sewing is much easier to see than using the sewing machine because I can get it just the right distance from my eyes.  I can even thread a needle without too much effort.  I've been spending time every day working on my hexie project.

It is cat approved too.  Buddy has decided he likes being a house cat, and loves being a lap cat every evening.

I don't remember what I last said about my eyesight.  So a short review: I've had a retinal tear in each eye and now macular pucker in each eye which causes a blurry distortion even with glasses.  At my last visit, the doctor said the puckers were progressing rapidly and recommended surgery.  We left believing that without the surgery, my vision would continue to deteriorate until I couldn't see anything without this fairly risky surgery. His diagnosis seemed to prove correct as over the last month, I've noticed that it is harder to read signs while driving and even to identify things on the side of the road.

So today, I went to another doctor for a second opinion.  Another reason I wanted to see another doctor is because the first doctor doesn't explain anything and I wanted to know exactly what to expect.  This doctor not only explained what was going on, he showed me the pictures of my macula, and explained that, for me, this surgery is risky because it actually would be three separate surgeries.  Also, he said that the surgery probably wouldn't do anything for my right eye and only slightly improve the vision in my left eye.  One line up on the eye chart, he said.  Not enough improvement for three surgeries.  He didn't recommend surgery right now.  Good news though; he said even if the macular pucker continued to get worse, it wouldn't cause blindness, and if it did get a lot worse, then we could do the surgery.

In the meantime, he suggested an optometrist who might be able to tweak the refraction with glasses so I can continue to drive and read signs and maps.   I'm not putting a lot of hope in that, but it is encouraging.  We learned more in fifteen minutes with him than we had in ten months with the other doctor.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Living in Limbo

I had to laugh at allthingzsewn's comment. It seems like (and our backs feel like) we have been moving for a month. We finally closed on the house on the 24th, yes, just five days ago. The inspection wasn't bad at all, but the appraisal was a different story. That's where FHA is a pain. If I ever sell another house, it will be cash or conventional only! After the appraisal we went back and forth with the buyers a few times and finally worked out a deal. Then their realtor forgot to order a survey so that pushed us back another week. But it's finally all done and we are living in a friend's rental for a few months. It's in a Dallas suburb and not a great neighborhood, but it's not as bad as I originally feared. Or it wasn't, until our friend told me to keep the doors locked all the time, even if I just went to the car and back (to get to the car, I have to go out the front door, through the back yard and to the parking spots beyond that) because the guy next door just got out of prison, doesn't have a job, but isn't lacking for money. Great.

No pictures of a new house yet either. We should close on our land next Friday and there were some delays there too so we probably won't start building as soon as we planned. Until then, we are living in a 600 square foot duplex. I told Hubby that living here will make me appreciate our small barndominium home more than if we moved from our home. Buddy The Cat made the move pretty well and has settled into life as a house cat. Once again, he shares space with Hubby in the office, and he has a window seat for sunning and bird watching.

We have met several of our future neighbors. One of them developed a skin cream that is very effective on poison ivy. One weekend, we spent the afternoon clearing brush where we wanted to put the driveway and in a few days Hubby was itching. I ran over to a store that carried Cindy's cream and made Hubby use it. He has gone to the doctor with poison ivy before and pooed the idea that "Crazy Cindy's" cream could stop it. A couple of days later he was singing a different tune because the cream eased the itching, stopped it from getting worse, and then made it go away. So now it is "Clever Cindy's" magic cream! lol

No internet service here at our temporary housing. We will just hot spot off the phone until we can get out there. I wasn't sure how much data we have on our plan now since we share our daughter's plan. But she assured me that as long as i don't stay on the internet all day (and yes, I used to just leave it on all day), then I could get online every day without a problem. I'll watch my time, but I should be able to get online for at least thirty minutes every day, so hope to see you soon.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sold the House!

After a week trying to sell the house on just zillow, we decided we needed to list it with a realtor and get it on MLS. The realtor we chose got it listed early Saturday morning, but told us not to be surprised if it took a couple of days to get showings. Well, we had two showings Saturday and two showings Sunday, and got two offers. We picked one and the inspection is tomorrow. It's an FHA inspection and I'm really nervous about it. I've heard they are super picky. Prayers appreciated.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The House Is Listed!

After six weeks of non-stop work, we finally have the house ready to sell, or as ready as it it going to get. The survey is supposed to be done on our new place this week and the sellers offered us a no-cost lease which we signed this week. So, things are finally beginning to happen.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging, but we've been on a breakneck schedule trying to get it all done. And of course, since no good deed goes unpunished, a ceiling fan light quit working after a power outage this week. Word to the wise, don't ever buy a ceiling fan with a remote control. This is the second one in a year where the receiver quit working. But it's not the worst thing that could happen, so we'll replace it and move on.

We have sold stuff, given stuff away, thrown LOTS of stuff away, and burned our precious (or former precious) wood scrap stash. Those of you who quilt can probably relate if you've ever had to give up your entire stash of fabric. Now, we're down to the weird-shape-won't-go-in-a-box stuff. What do you do with a five foot wrought iron candelabra?

Friends and family on facebook want us to post pictures as we build our barndominium, or rather RV-dominium. I don't want to annoy other friends on facebook with an endless parade of pictures: here's the land, here it is again, here's the fence, etc. One suggestion was to start a blog, which would be a great idea except I don't have time for this one, much less two of them. However, now that we are finally winding down on the home improvement front, it is a possibility. If it happens, I'll post it here too.

To those who are still checking on me after such a long absence, thank you, and I hope to visit your blogs again soon. Now, to bed "to sleep, perchance to dream." Tomorrow, I am chauffeur. The cat goes to the vet, and mother-in-law to the eye doctor.