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Friday, December 14, 2018

Now WHY Did I Go to That Doctor?

During my last visit with my endocrinologist, she wanted me to see an ophthalmologist who specializes in thyroid eye disease and then a thyroid surgeon. She said she wanted the ophthalmologist to take measurements and test the progression of the disease. It took almost two months to get an appointment with the doctor she wanted me to see, and once there, he never even looked into my eyes. He spent nearly the whole time talking about "lowering" my eyelids.

He asked at the beginning if I was having double vision, and I told him I was, to the point that I think my time driving on the highway is over. It's hard to focus with all the eye movements needed to watch traffic, and each eye movement takes a few seconds to adjust the focus. He didn't seem too concerned except to say he wouldn't do the eyelid surgery until the changes in my eyes was stable. Huh? I'm worried about losing my vision and he is talking about plastic surgery to make me look better?

I have a call in to the endocrinologist. Either she wrote the order to the doctor wrong, or she misled me as to why she wanted me to see this doctor. I just want to be able to see at this point.

The day after I saw that ophthalmologist, Hubby and I had appointments at an optometrist for new glasses. A couple of months ago, right after I found out I had thyroid eye disease, I told him I really needed new glasses and he recommended getting cheap ones because more than likely, my eyes would change so much in the next year that I'd need to change them again. This optometrist turned out to be at Walmart. It didn't say anything about Walmart on our provider list, and frankly, if I had known she was the Walmart optometrist, I wouldn't have gone to her. But she was actually one of the better optometrists I've been to. We discussed my eye disease, and she recommended putting a bit of prism into the lenses to help me focus. My retina specialist had mentioned that, so I agreed. Walmart has a low selection of frames that fit a narrow adult face, so I haven't gotten glasses yet, but hopefully, I'll find a pair in the next few days.

In the meantime, the wind is howling here. I hadn't planned on stepping foot outside the barndo today, but the wind isn't supposed to last all day. If it does, I'll run over to the nursing home to play a game with my mother-in-law and try to sneak some clothes into her closet. She has gotten really weird about clothes. She worries about not having anything to wear all the time and yet, she doesn't like anything we bring to her. So I thought if I could sneak some of her old clothes into her closet, I could pull them out when she asks what she is going to wear tomorrow. Wish me luck on that one. She is still sharp enough to know what clothes were in her closet.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It's Hard to Believe that Christmas is Almost Here

It doesn't feel like Christmas here. Other than Christmas movies on the television rerun channel, tv commercials I tend to tune out, the Salvation Army bell ringers at Walmart, and a few Christmas songs on the radio, I haven't seen many indications of the season. Neither our town, nor the nearest bigger town has any Christmas decorations on the streets as they normally do. I haven't seen many cars, make that ANY cars, with wreaths on the grill or antlers on the roof. But most of all, people I've seen in town seem to be doing the same thing they do every other day, just like me. I haven't heard anyone say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, or any other holiday greeting. Don't get me wrong, people are polite, they just aren't any different than the other eleven months of the year.

We don't have our lights and decorations up, save for one star Hubby put on his radio tower, and I seldom have a view of it. Maybe, because we don't have a normal home right now, with our normal decorations, that I just don't notice them in other places. Maybe it's because I haven't been to the mall. Maybe it takes circling the parking lot for thirty minutes looking for a parking space and then battling hordes of people for the perfect gift to feel the full effect of the countdown to Christmas. Maybe it's because I haven't bought any gifts. (We're exchanging consumable gifts this year, so I'm waiting until the last minute.)

The weather isn't helping either. Except for a few cold and rainy days last week, it's been warm and pleasant, not like Christmas should be at all. I've never thought much about the smells of Christmas before, but now that I have, most of my memories involve them. That cold, crisp smell when it is about to snow, the scent of pine when walking into a warm house, and that tantalizing aroma of cinnamon, and ginger coming from the kitchen. It's all missing this year.

I think I need to find my copy of It's a Wonderful Life (I bought it last year), followed by The Nativity Story, make a cup of hot chocolate, and spend an evening letting the reason for the season seep into my soul.

What does it take for you to get into the holiday spirit?

Friday, November 16, 2018

Feline Friday and Friendly Fill-ins

In the house, we have a food and water dispenser so Buddy boy will always have clean food and water. In the fifth wheel, we have small bowls for his food and water, and in the garage, we have another set of bowls. But when Buddy is in the garage, what water does he crave? The five gallon buckets that we used to collect condensation water from the air conditioner!

Actually, he prefers the orange bucket and usually stands on his hind legs with his front paws on the rim to drink. But when the water was an inch or two below the rim, he got inventive.

It's a good thing the gray bucket was full of water or it might have turned over and dumped him into the orange water bucket. Silly cat.

But because I love him, I'm going to let him answer the Friendly Fill-ins today.

1 – I can’t wait to have both my people home to pet me on Thanksgiving.
2 – I am thankful for a warm home, plenty of food, and all the water I can drink.
3 – When it comes to pie, I'll let my human mom and dad have it all.
4 – A feast is not a feast without lots of leftovers.

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