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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quote of the Day

Financial self-discipline, however, does not necessarily mean self-denial. Instead, it is the putting off of small, often insignificant pleasures now to experience greater, more important ones in the future.

Barbara O-Neill, CFP from Saving on a Shoestring - How to Cut Expenses, Reduce Debt, Stash More Cash

How true. Years ago, when we finally faced the fact that the only way to get out of debt was to cut out cable, eating out, vacations, and a list of other things, we knew it was not forever, just long enough to get out of debt and turn our finances around.

The funny thing was that after doing away with so many luxuries, we found that we really didn't care that much about them and continued to live without them, even cutting a few more luxuries so we could build an emergency fund, buy a car without a loan, save for college, go on vacations, and pay off the mortgage. Talk about experiencing greater rewards later!

I love this quote too:

Above all, begin to nurture a positive attitude about your finances. Reject thoughts of failure and turn obstacles into challenges. Try to envision yourself enjoying the achievement of all your financial goals. When you think positively and take positive action, you'll achieve the best for yourself and your family.

Barbara O'Neill, CFP, also from Saving on a Shoestring

Until next time, may you have blessings and financial freedom,

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