November 02, 2009

Night Brought More Than a Chill

Even though our days are still warm, our night temperatures are dropping into the fifties. Saturday night I walked out to the garage around midnight and found this little guy on the deck. He wasn't moving and I wondered if I had stepped on him in the dark, but then I touched him and realized he was just too cold to move.

I started to put him back on the ground near the pond where he could get warm, but then I realized that he was a bullfrog. Uh oh.

Bullfrogs eat goldfish, koi, and even small birds, so he can't stay here. After a night in the house in this plastic bucket, Hubby I drove him to his new home in a bigger, natural pond. Since bullfrogs are also like homing pigeons, we made sure his new home was miles away and on the other side of the highway.

Wonder how many of his brothers and sisters are still in our pond?

Until next time, may you have blessings and simple pleasures,


  1. I'm glad you saved him anyway. He is important to the ecosystem - even if he needs to be away from yours!!

  2. Yes, he'll be better off in many ways this winter. He can dig into the mud in a natural pond. We lose a frog or two every winter because they can't get deep enough.