Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 3

Not the best looking lumber, but Hubby says it is straight. Hubby found someone he had worked with before to help with the framing, but first he said he needed to get his income taxes done, and then he had something else he needed to get done. So Hubby called his brother and he helped all day. It was a very long day, and if it hadn't been for BB, we wouldn't have gotten much done.
The cat has been pretty jumpy since we started this project, but he finally settled down today. I think he found the sound of hammers restful. He climbed into this chair mid-afternoon and stayed there the rest of the afternoon.
I think another cat has been dumped in our neighborhood. He's (I'm pretty sure it's a he) a pretty cat, not very skittish, and doesn't seem put off by our cat. But our cat is plenty put off by this other cat. In the evenings, the other cat sits in our driveway, calmly looking at our cat, while our cat yowls, hisses, and growls at the other cat. One morning, after Hubby opened the garage door, the other cat went under the door and helped himself to the cat food.

So two things need to happen now. One, our cat needs a name. When one of us says "the cat" to the other, we never know which cat. I would like to name him Buddy, or Sawdust (since he likes to get into the sawdust bin). Hubby still likes Socks or Tom. The neighbors down the street call him Tom. He's just not a Tom to me, he's mellowed out too much. But he's not mellow enough to be a Socks.

The other thing that needs to happen is that the other cat (we've been calling him Carol's cat because he always runs away in the direction of her house, though Carol doesn't want anything to do with him) has to go away in order for our cat to be happy. And believe me, when our cat isn't happy, no one is safe petting him or even walking by him. BB brought his small animal trap, and he wants a cat for his shop so this will probably work out just fine. This other cat will probably be a better cat to have around clients too. But if we didn't already have a cat, I'd like to have this new cat. He looks like he would really like to live here and be friendly, though he runs if I get too close.

Well, early day tomorrow. BB is coming back for a few hours and we'd like to get the roof on.


thea said...

That is really coming along quickly! looking good!

thea said...

good luck with the cat issues ...

FlowerLady said...

The addition is coming along nicely.

Cats do get upset by different happenings that they aren't used to. It looks like he settled down nicely though once he got used the the hammering.

I hope BB is able to take the new cat to his shop. The cat will have a nice home. Sorry you couldn't keep both of them, that's just the way it is sometimes.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Kate said...

Nice progress on the addition. Hope things keep going smoothly.