Monday, May 14, 2012

Days 13, 14, and 15

Thursday evening, after hearing that rain was on the way, Hubby put up the siding on the gable. It rained, but nothing too severe and the only leaks were around the back door - as usual. Saturday, the electrician came and got all the wiring done. We've got a switch to the kitchen and living room near the back door for the first time in three years. Yay!

Also Saturday, Hubby started taking out the back door so it could be re-installed. When the door was out, he saw that the slab was especially uneven in that spot (no big surprise there) which allowed water in and prevented it from running back out. So he used a grinder to level the foundation, filling the kitchen with concrete dust, and I just happened to be staining the refrigerator cabinet at the time. Someone told me that living in a house that is under construction is like living in a garage. So very true.

No pictures of the door as it didn't change the look any.

Another fun thing Hubby did was to spray an encapsulator on the wood in the room. The wood has a lot of dark places on it, and is probably just from exposure, but we wanted to play it safe in case there was any mold there too.



  1. Hopefully that will fix your water problems in the kitchen. Sounds like progress.

  2. Replies
    1. Don't be. Hubby spent last evening putting siding on the original gable, climbing up and down the ladder for each piece and he woke up this morning groaning from the effort.


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