Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is It Possible to Make Money with a Blog?

Hubby wants me to go back to work. And I'd like to, especially if it were something building or craft related. But I have two strikes against me - my age, and my health. I can't do anything about my age, except I think I'm more stronger and more active than a lot of people my age. But there are also a lot of people who are more active and look a lot younger. Then, there's my health. I go days, sometimes even weeks feeling great, and then out of the blue that evil Candida takes me down for a day or two. Some of it is of my own doing; I'll eat a cookie and nothing bad happens, so I'll eat another, and then another, and the next thing I know, I am sick as a dog. But sometimes I have eaten nothing but safe foods and then something like worry will trigger it.

So I was having one of those bad days Saturday and spent the day watching tv and surfing the net. I don't remember what I was searching for, but I came across some web sites telling how to make money with a blog. Blogger to be exact. Now some of the things were directed at blogs with a large following and had to do with advertising. That's not mine for sure, although there is something in the dashboard that anyone with a blog can turn on to allow advertising. I'm not crazy about indiscriminate advertising, so that doesn't interest me.

What did interest me was selling stuff on a blog though. I have noticed that some people have links to their etsy store, and some have individual posts to sell things. Most of the articles I read had to do with putting a checkout on a blog. There's google checkout, shoplocket, and yahoo paypal checkout. That's for items that will be shipped. I haven't investigated google checkout or shoplocket, but I know I'm not crazy about paypal.

What would I sell? For me, that would evolve over time I'm sure. I think it might be a good way to sell some of the bigger items I want to declutter from the house, like furniture and unwanted Christmas gifts. And maybe even items I have made.

Checking blogs that sell things, I can see that it wouldn't be a good idea to do it on this blog. I have too much personal information here, protected only by not revealing my real name or location. Selling would reveal that. The solution might be using a completely separate blog or website. Or open an etsy account. Or both.

I'm looking into all of this, and welcome your comments, especially if you have some experience with it.



  1. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to achieve my goals. I certainly love reading everything that is posted on your websiteand it helped me as well.keep it up.

  2. I'm sure that there must be a market for some of your lovely make overs. Jx

  3. Yes, you could repaint furniture and sell it either in a booth or have a monthly garage sale type thing at your place. Smaller pieces that you could ship would be good for etsy. You could get Google Adsense but you do need to have a bit of traffic to make even a little money off that.

  4. Definitely not my area of expertise. Hope you find some resources that can point you in the right direction.


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