Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On to the Kitchen Ceiling

In case I haven't mentioned like a million times, I have been painting wood for the kitchen ceiling.  Fill the holes.  Sand.  Prime the back.  Flip.  Prime the front.  Sand.  Paint a coat.  Wait.  Paint another coat.  Carry a sixteen foot plank into the house, making two turns and hitting at least one thing in the process.  Did you know big chunks of drywall texture can be glued back onto the wall?

The good news is that we finally started putting it up. We were going to start Saturday morning, but it drizzled nearly all day Saturday, not a good thing for the air compressor or having the chop saw outside the door. So we began Sunday afternoon. Yay!

Wouldn't it be nice to stand flat-footed on the floor and be able to touch the ceiling? I have to be on the top step of a step stool to hold the other end of the planks.



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