Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Spring One Day and Winter the Next

Monday, we were near 80. Yesterday (Tuesday), we were just over 70, and right now (Wednesday noon), we are at 39°F. Wind howling, of course. Yesterday the electricity was on and off all day and today it's the internet. Maybe it will stay on long enough for me to post this. It's raining again and I hear thunder. We've had days of fog and rain and have standing water everywhere. Should be a good first hay cutting though.

Meanwhile, the cat and I are trying to stay warm inside. I would show you a picture of Buddy, but he is curled up on the dirty laundry I was about to stick in the washer; I'll spare you our unmentionables. Of all the places to sleep, he always seeks out the pile of laundry. Because the sides of our RV tend to sweat when it's cold outside and warm inside, I've got the cabinet doors open to let air circulate and he found the laundry basket.

Edited to add photo. I put the sorted laundry in the washer, and pulled the laundry basket out of the cabinet so Buddy could get in it for a photo. No dice. He sniffed it and then settled onto the rug, and on the lumpy spot over the slide too. I guess he prefers jeans and work clothes. Or maybe it's the heater just out of sight behind him.

The last time it was really cold, Buddy knocked at the door. Actually, he pushes the screen door, but it sounds like knocking. Anyway, he knocked at the door, and I let him in. He strolled over to the carpet by the steps and settled in for a nap. I didn't pay much attention to him after that but the next time I looked up, he was gone. I looked under the table, under my chair, and finally went up the steps to the bedroom, and there he was in the middle of the bed. Buddy isn't allowed on the bed. He knows he isn't allowed on the bed. But there he was in the middle of the bed. He lifted his head when I walked up and when I told him to get off, I swear the look he gave me was "I saw it first!" He did not get off willingly.

This time of day he is usually snoozing in an attic window. He prefers the windows up there because the sun isn't blocked by a porch roof. There is no sun at all in the attic or RV today. In the RV, he usually prefers sitting between our chairs. Or dirty laundry, it seems.

Saturday, while Buddy was in the attic window, an American Kestrel landed on the porch roof right outside the window. I heard the wavering cry that means there is prey within sight, turned around, and Buddy had his nose glued to the window. The bird looked at Buddy and then calmly soared off the roof.

 Monday, Buddy was snoozing in the window and I saw movement out in the field below. It was a big cat leaving our porch. He was black with white markings just like Buddy. I had wondered how long it would be before a neighbor's cat came visiting, or someone dumped a cat out here. It's a good thing Buddy didn't see him though, I don't think Buddy would win if they met. Besides being older, and now with a cataract, Buddy has been living the soft life too long.


Sandee said...

Buddy is used to his soft life and that's a good thing.

I hope things warm back up for you soon. I hate the cold.

Have a purrfect day, Buddy. My best to your mom. ♥

MartiDIY said...

Thank you Sandee, from both of us.

Martha said...

Cats are such funny creatures, sometimes its easy to read their minds. Glad he has the life he has with you, warm and cozy and safe.

Angie said...

With cats, it's all about control ... if they know we don't want them to do something, it's exactly what they will do. But it's hard to get mad ... they are do darn cute!

MartiDIY said...

That is so true. Just like my youngest child. Never could get mad at her either when she was little.

Kate said...

The weather this week has been a roller coaster. Curing up next to the heater sounds like a really nice place to be.