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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Aftermath

The tree I was watching yesterday was actually two trees growing up together, and each fell.

As the sun broke through the clouds and temperatures rose, the snow began melting and the trees fell more.

There were branches that broke off as they became weighted with snow, but the main trunks either broke under ground or uprooted.

I'm surprised we still had power this morning. I guess all the trees near power lines to us must either be upright still or fell the other direction. This double tree of ours just barely missed the line, and landed on the fence.

The worst part is that the trees were right on top of our septic lines, thanks to the previous owners who didn't stop it, and the septic people told us not to mess with it because the roots were probably in the lines. At least alive, the roots were taking in water, but if we took down the tree, the dead roots would clog the lines. Now, the lines have probably been jerked apart from the tree(s) falling.

A walk around the rest of the yard showed damage to a couple of other big trees too. One fell on the shed but we can't get in the shed to see if there is any damage yet.

I was surprised not to see any animal tracks until I came around the back of the critter pond and saw where something came to get a drink. Hope he got one, it looks a bit frozen.

From the other side, the tracks look like a rabbit.

In the front yard, a yaupon holly. One lone limb remains intact, the others are crushed against the house.

The neighbor's photinias are also bent to the ground. They used to be as high or higher than the electric lines. (By the way, that gray strip isn't driveway, it's water beside the driveway.)

Hubby cleared a path through the tire ruts so we could get to the street. See all the neighbor's cars at the end of their driveways where they had to leave them last night?

This neighbor's tree fell across his driveway. His cars aren't going anywhere for awhile.

Another neighbor used his tractor to clear his long driveway.

Oh yeah. You know that post office slogan about neither rain, nor snow, nor dead of night keeping them from delivering the mail? Not true. We haven't had mail delivery since Wednesday.

I also had a DVD due at the library today. Hubby had to get out so I thought I'd impose on him to drop it off, but no one answered when I called the library. They'd better not charge me a fine since they are the ones who weren't open when they were supposed to be open, and don't want patrons dropping DVD's in the book return chute.

Until next time, may you have blessings, and a sharp chainsaw,

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