February 06, 2013

Missed Out on a Prize

I went to an estate sale today because it had a Singer Featherweight listed. A neighbor went with me to a town about 50 miles away. We waited in the drizzle for the sale to start, and when it was time, the door opened and a man announced that some items had been removed from the sale by the family. The Singer was one. Rats! But I did pick up a bag of old sewing patterns. I thought I'd venture into Etsy with something easy to ship.

Tomorrow, there is another estate sale, further away and on the other side of the city. We're not sure if we want to go or not. But it's listed as a Quilting/Sewing sale so we are both tempted, not that there is anything either of us really need. They do have a long arm quilting machine, but neither of us have room for it.

Or I could stay home and paint beadboard. Fun.


  1. Sorry to hear you missed out on the featherweight. Maybe next time. enjoy whatever sales you make it to tomorrow.

  2. Sorry you didn't get to put any bids in on the Singer. Hope your next sale is more fun.

  3. Oooh - a quilting and sewing sale would be too much temptation for me! Jx

    1. I know, but I didn't go. It was just too far just to look.

  4. Too bad about missing the Featherweight. At least it was worth the trip for the sewing patterns. So did you go to the other sale?


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